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The most successful business can be irreparably damaged by a fire, flood, water damage or the like. Helping you to minimise the impact on your business and obtain adequate and proper compensation is our business. We appreciate being involved at the earliest opportunity so that we can create the correct foundation from which to build your claim and get your business fully operational as soon as possible.

If you are unsure whether you are entitled to claim or not, unsure of the extent of your loss or simply want advice, then call Owens McCarthy without obligation on 1890 29 39 49.

Commercial Policy Holder

In early 2009, on the advice of their Broker, a policyholder consulted Owens McCarthy following a fire at an unoccupied premises owned by them in the west of Ireland. The fire had started in a chimney flue and spread into our clients building causing extensive damage effectively rendering the premises a total loss apart from external walls.

Immediately Owens McCarthy met on site with our client and the Insurance Companys Loss Adjuster to establish the initial background to the occurrence. Subsequently we again met on site with the Loss Adjuster and the Insurance Companys Forensic Scientist in an effort to establish the cause of the fire and to ensure all information required by the Loss Adjuster was warranted and provided in a timely fashion.

From the outset of the Insurers investigations, it appeared their attitude to this case was tentative. Having considered the matter for a number of weeks Insurers wrote to the client stating it was their intention not to deal with the claim under their policy and to instead provide a full refund of premiums paid because of:

  • Their allegation that the premises destroyed was in fact a commercial premises, a fact that they were never made aware of.

  • That they were told the client was renovating the property - however this had not occurred.

  • That they had believed the property was rented to a family.

This response from Insurers on a serious claim was a cause of great concern to our client who had always been 100% candid with their Insurers and provided them with all information they required when the policies were taken out.

Working with the Client's Broker, we prepared a detailed letter of explanation and each of the points raised by the Insurer was dealt with comprehensively such as to illustrate that the decision not to provide insurance cover was incorrect.

In the interim, a Bill of Quantities was drawn up to quantify the cost associated with reinstating the premises. Owens McCarthy liaised with the client and their Engineers with a view to establishing the extent of structural damage to the premises. The information was then fed into the preparation of said Bill of Quantities.

Following various meetings with our client and their Brokers, a consultation was set up with Solicitors with a view to preparing the ground work should the Insurer continue to deny coverage. Following due consideration of all issues, the assisted intervention of the clients Brokers, and the outlining of our clients intention to take legal action if the unjustified repudiation of policy cover continued, the Insurer reluctantly confirmed cover and agreed to deal with the loss.

At this stage Owens McCarthy re-engaged with the appointed Loss Adjuster. Following a number of meetings the claim was eventually settled for a satisfactory amount enabling the client to commence the process of fully reinstating their premises.

Sound Professional Advice

Sound professional advice can only be given by those who are experienced, trained and operating regularly in a particular market.

Owens McCarthy is the market leader in our field because of the quality of our advice, given over many years and relating to some of the largest claims in Ireland. This experience along with trained professionals qualified as quantity surveyors, accountants, civil engineers, lawyers and relevant insurance qualifications enables us to point you in the right direction from the beginning of a claim.

We aim to work in a professional manner with your Insurance Company's Loss Adjuster and to avoid unnecessary conflict. There is little value in securing compensation in the Courts System if you have lost your business!

Our dedicated Call Assist Centre will guide you from the outset and will arrange every aspect from reporting your claim to satisfactory conclusion on your behalf.