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1. We are Ireland's Leading Claims Assessors

We have grown our business through professional service, ranging from small domestic claims to some of the largest commercial losses in Ireland. This has allowed us increase staff numbers, expand geographically and create a training and learning curve for our claims management team. The customer satisfaction emanating from this approach, and the significant input of shareholders, has put us in a very strong position in the marketplace.

2. We do this for a living

We specialise in providing Claims Solutions for policyholders, as well as providing specialist solutions for Brokers and selected Underwriters. Nothing else. We do not earn a commission from people who give us business, nor from builders or others involved in the claims process.

We charge our clients fees, which in almost every case have proven to be of great value for those customers

3. We have a very high success rate

This is true! We do not mess about with claims that are not valid or genuine. We fight like tigers for our customers but do not engage in time wasting.

Our initial advice and inspection is without charge and if you have a claim that is neither valid or worth pursuing, we will tell you at an early stage.

4. We save you time and money

Time is money! We are familiar with policy wordings and the marketplace. We know how to present your claim in a professional manner, so that you receive your full entitlements, without unnecessary deduction.

Occasionally claims are referred to us when they have already been turned down by an insurance company or an inadequate offer has been received. Our success rate on these cases is exceptional, even if we say so ourselves.

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