Your claim is important to us

We have grown our business based on focusing on our Customer and have developed service criteria that succeed no matter what size your claim is. Our trained Assessors deal with losses from small water damage cases to complex burn outs with equal vigour.

We have the ability to advise you at the time of first inspection (which is free of charge) whether or not you have a valid claim and we also pride ourselves on our success rate with cases that have been refused by an Insurance Company.

A Cork City-based family

A Cork City-based family engaged our services on foot of a fire in their home that spread from the confines of the chimney shaft into roof space. We were recommended to this client by a relative who had previously used our service.

We were brought in only after the Insurance Company's Loss Adjuster had attended on-site. This is unusual insofar as we ordinarily have the opportunity to attend the damaged property prior to the arrival of the Loss Adjuster. We explained to the client our role in the claims process and our terms of business.We were careful to manage their expectation levels in terms of our service and the perceived eventual outcome of the claim. We conducted our preliminary inspection and investigation and accumulated as much detail pertaining to the loss and the Insured in order that any requests for information from the Adjuster could be satisfied swiftly.

In this case the damage was extensive and was such that it was inappropriate for the Insured and his young family to remain living at the property whilst repairs were undertaken. The Adjuster had neglected to advise the Policyholder of his entitlements under the 'Alternative Accommodation' heading of the Policy. Within hours we were in a position to confirm policy liability, seek and secure a suitable rental property for the duration of the necessary works and have Insurers consent to the cost of these arrangements.

In parallel to these negotiations we deployed our experienced in-house Professionals in terms of Quantity Surveying and Engineering to prepare a fully-costed Statement of Claim for the consideration of the Insurance Company and their appointed Loss Adjuster. This aspect of our claim-solution approach was conducted with haste. However, mindful of the fact that the Loss Adjuster was not likely to be in a position to respond quickly we sought and obtained the Insurer's consent to making an 'Interim Payment' to the Insured to allow the repairs to commence immediately and to facilitate the rental of the temporary accommodation.

At all stages the Client was kept fully advised of all developments. We explained the Statement of Claim under the headings of Buildings, Contents and Alternative Accommodation. We also worked very closely with their Insurance Broker to make them aware of status of the claim and to advise them when the Interim Payment cheque was expected to be received at their office. We remained available to the Insured throughout the process to discuss any particular queries or worries they might have had. Every loss represents a traumatic event from the perspective of the Policyholder and it is important to Owens McCarthy that all of their staff recognise this fact and accordingly respond empathetically to the Policyholder at all times.

We prioritised an on-site meeting with the Chartered Loss Adjusters with a view to ensuring that there was no dispute as to the scope of repairs and parameters of the loss. Thereafter, we arranged a settlement meeting to agree the loss under the different headings. As is often the case, there was a considerable difference between the amount the Loss Adjuster was prepared to offer versus the minimum value of the claim. We were in a position to justify our position and our demands in terms of quantum by reference to our considerable experience and the sound Engineering arguments underpinning our Statement of Claim.

Through oftentimes complicated and lengthy process of negotiation, we arrived at a suitable settlement proposal that we believed was appropriate to be put before the Policyholder. We met with the client and took them through the different strands of the claim and explained to them exactly how the settlement was structured. We stated that we were happy to recommend this settlement to them but that we would not communicate their acceptance of these terms to the Loss Adjuster without their express consent. The client was very happy with the agreed loss and we immediately contacted the Loss Adjuster by telephone and in writing, informing them that all was in order that they should proceed with due haste.

We also contacted the Client's Broker to advise them of the settlement terms and again that they should expect a settlement cheque in favour of the Policyholder within weeks.

We are pleased that Owens McCarthy, as a result of our experience, professionalism and expertise, were in a position to assist this young family in overcoming this traumatic event and returning them to their home as quickly as possible. We were best-placed to offer the proper advice and solution tailored to the situation at hand and succeeded in solving all problems that arose throughout the claims process.

Sound professional advice

Sound professional advice can only be given by those who are experienced, trained and operating regularly in a particular market.

Whether we advise you through our dedicated Call Assist Centre or though a visit from one of our assessors you can be confident that Owens McCarthy will guide your claim properly to conclusion.

From our humble origins in 1978 to our market leading position today we have put together a team of people qualified in all relevant professions encompassing quantity surveying, civil engineering, accountancy, the law etc. These skills have been coupled with significant experience in the claims marketplace and evidenced by the significant number of new cases we receive every day.