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We provide a range of services including Public Loss Assessing, Claims Consulting and Pre-Loss Valuation. We have a dedicated CALL ASSIST CENTRE where our trained team will deal with every type of query. Our LoCall number is 1890 29 39 49 and that is available 24/7.

For a claim with a value up to €1,500 (approx), we offer a free service where we will advise on and present your claim to your Insurance Company, negotiate settlement over the phone and keep you fully advised. Our charged service comes into being if it becomes apparent that an inspection is required. We will arrange for one of our trained assessors to contact you to inspect the damage, report the claim to your Insurance Company, liaise with their appointed loss adjuster and negotiate a settlement satisfactory to you.

Our Services:

Our Charges:

Our charges are based on a percentage of the settlement achieved and are agreed with you at an early stage of our involvement. In certain circumstances we will agree on a flat fee with you, usually in cases where a percentage approach is not suitable.

In our considerable experience it is quite evident that our charges are more than covered by the amount of settlement we negotiate, given our specialist ability to maximise your entitlements within the terms of your insurance policy or, in the event of a third party claim, within the Rules of Law Applicable. If you want advice on what you should insure property for or where you go for specialist insurance advice on placing insurance we would be pleased to be of assistance. Feel free to contact us with your query whether or not the insurance company has made an offer or indeed turned down your claim. It costs nothing to seek our view on the situation.

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