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Friday, October 15, 2010

Quinn Insurance

- The High Court was told yesterday that the Joint Administrators of Quinn Insurance have given a report on the findings of their investigation into alleged breaches of Insurance Regulations (which resulted in their appointment this year) have been given to the Financial Regulator, Mr. Matthew Elderfield.

No other information in relation to that report was made available to the court yesterday.

The process of selling the group is ongoing although the number of parties now interested has not been disclosed, for commercial reasons.

Serious Fire - Nenagh

- There has been a serious fire at a commercial premises in the Nenagh area of Co. Tipperary. Two of our Directors, John O'Donoghue & Seamus O'Leary are on-site assisting the Insured. We were recommended to this case by the Insured's Brokers.

Rate of Inflation

- The annual Inflation Rate rose to 0.5% in the year to September 2010. Interestingly, the cost of Air Travel and Health Insurance decreased. Competition is great!

Marine Loss

- Reports today suggest that the State owned Sail Training Vessel "Asgard II" may have collided with a whale causing it to sink on the 11th September 2008! I bet the Government wish that they had Marine cover in place.

Cystic Fibrosis

- Times are tough when we have to watch every penny we spend. However, the signing of a contract for the building of a dedicated Cystic Fibrosis Treatment Unit at St. Vincent's Hospital in Dublin will be welcomed by all.


- Now that we can take a little break from International soccer for a while our thoughts go to Anthony Tohil and the International Rules Team for their upcoming session against Australia.

We also wish good luck to the provincial teams playing in the Heineken Cup and Amlin Challenge Cup this weekend.