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Tuesday, 19th October, 2010

This years approx 12.5% increase in the cost of home and contents insurance has seen 1 in 10 homeowners reduce their insurance cover and shows around 50,000 households with no insurance cover at all. We would recommend consumers think carefully before reducing their sums insured. As the link to recent article in the Irish Independent mentions, flash floods, storm damage, freezing weather and fire are a reality at this time of year. Do not get caught short, call us on 1890 29 39 49 if you have a query regarding the adequacy of your cover. http://www.independent.ie/business/personal-finance/one-in-ten-reduce-home-cover-as-budgets-tighten-2382161.html

Super typhoon Megi, one of the most powerful storms recorded in the world this year, has slammed into the northern Philippines cutting off power forcing airlines to cancel flights and putting the regions rice crop at risk. In light of the above mentioned article, at least in Ireland Insurance cover is an option for us, it is not for many of these people affected in Sabela and Cagayan.

Ireland has continued to improve the quality of its broadband services, according to a new global survey, ranking 13th out of 72 countries. Not sure that smaller Brokers in rural Ireland or Loss Assessors working from home would have noticed that benefit!

Whatever our issues here in Ireland, at least we are not reacting with nationwide strikes and protest actions as they are in France. Time for us all to pull together.