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Burglaries Increase by 30% in October

A report in the Sunday Tribune of 31st October, 2010 advised of a sharp increase in burglaries in the Dublin area.

The Central Statistics Office released figures last week covering July to September which showed that there was an average of 769 burglaries per month in Dublin during those months.

In the first 27 days of October there were 846 in the Dublin area, an average of 31.4 per day.

South Dublin suffered worst with Rathfarnam being particularly unfortunate, for example there were 50 burglaries in August alone in this area.

Interestingly the statistics show that Fridays are by far the most popular day for burglars to strike.

On Friday 1st October 37 break-in's took place in Dublin while 42 were recorded the following Friday. There were 38 break-in's on Friday the 15th October while 60 burglaries were suffered on Friday the 22nd of October.