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Hazel Makes History!!

The Insurance Institute of Galway (with a geographical spread from Mayo to Clare and Roscommon/Westmeath to Offaly) is a major player in the development of the institute movement throughout Ireland and noted for its professionalism and dedication to its membership of some 800 people. It is also noted for warmth and hospitality, a simple trait it is still very proud of.

The Insurance Institute is a membership organisation, with nearly 14,000 members throughout Ireland, and is the leading body in providing support, education and continuous professional development programmes to our country's insurance industry.

At its recent AGM in Glenlo Abbey, Hazel Morrison, Business Development Manager with Owens McCarthy Limited, was elected Galway Institute's 43rd President, joining in the long line of notable presidents who have served locally with utmost distinction. Ms Morrison lives in Moycullen, (with family roots in Cong and Westport) she is married to Brian Pagett and they have a son - 10-year-old Glen.

The 2011/2012 election made history as Hazel Morrison is the first president of Galway Institute to be elected from the loss assessing sector of the insurance industry.

In addition, the AGM saw another first, in the successful election of a council with representation from each area of the insurance market - general insurer, life insurer, broker, loss adjuster, loss assessor and private medical.

In her inauguration address, Ms Morrison advised that the pooling of knowledge and experience from this fresh and diverse council will this year lend to setting out a new three-year local institute strategic plan, formulated on both goal-based and issues-based planning. The priority will always be support and service for members, as the institute strives to promote and encourage professionalism within the industry.

At a time of continuing hectic development and compliance, Ms Morrison felt it was important to attract and retain the right calibre of people to work in Insurance. To this end she has chosen the theme for her year as being "Insurance, a Career".

There is a well known saying "A company is only as good as its employees" - She stressed therefore the importance of selling the profession just as hard as each of our services or products. The incoming council, together with its national body, hopes to initiate steps towards educating our young future workforce of the many career avenues available within the insurance industry - and to make further steps in pushing, recognising, and highlighting the educational progression of existing members.