FBD Insurance in the High Court

Despite FBD’s repudiation of their Public House Policyholders’ claims for COVID19 business interruption, we remain convinced that they will have a liability to their clients. Our analysis has been fortified by an Opinion obtained from an eminent Senior Counsel.

FBD have now been compelled to defend their position on foot of High Court Proceedings instigated by several Policyholders. See: https://www.rte.ie/news/business/2020/0525/1140460-fbd-pubs-insurance/

These Commercial Court hearings will now, effectively, act as a ‘test case’ to determine the question of policy liability. The hearing will commence in October 2020, meaning that, in the short term, FBD’s  Policyholders will be without the supports promised to them under the terms of the insurance contract.

We are continuing to work with our clients to assess the extent of their (continuing) losses and to position each of these cases in the expectation that justice will prevail.

26 May 2020

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